Photo of Laura


42 years · Female · Professional


I have 2 large dogs but they are as good as gold, very polite, friendly, gentle and calm-natured. I am a tidy, respectful, polite female who enjoys getting to know new people. I love gardening, keeping active, and chilling.

Roommate looking in: Oxford, Oxfordshire, England.

Photo of Luba


24 years · Female · MSc Student, Oxford University


Hey! My name is Luba - In my free time, I tend to cook, bake, play video games, and I especially love reading, and just being able to soak up the sun. I love the outdoors, and I’m also a coffee lover - if you’re a coffee drinker then having good coffee is a unique roommate perk you get from me!...

Roommate looking in: Jericho, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England & Oxford, Oxfordshire, England.

Photo of Alexis


22 years · Female · Support Worker


I am new to the area and I'm moving up to Oxford for work. I am a support worker and will be working long days but happy to socialise. I am clean, friendly and willing to go exploring on free time. I enjoy music and films.

Roommate looking in: Oxford, Oxfordshire, England.

Photo of Damien


31 years · Male · Wearhouse worker


Ima a very simple man i go to work go home spend time with my son and do the same everyday. Recently broke up with my partner of 11 years so looking for a place to live asap,My son is 5 years old he won't stay over but may want to visit every now and then

Roommate looking in: Oxford, Oxfordshire, England.

Photo of Mac


21 years · Female · Student


Hi! I'm an incoming American grad student studying archaeology. I've made good friends with all my past roommates and would love to make new ones! Love to go out but also staying in. Roomie perks: enjoys cleaning, keeping plants alive, interior design.

Roommate looking in: Oxford, Oxfordshire, England.

Photo of Vanessa


20 years · Female · Intership Researcher


Am a young student from the university of Krems Austria. Coming to do internship in the university of Oxford for only 6months. Calm and love reading, always love meeting new people.

Roommate looking in: Oxford, Oxfordshire, England.

Photo of Eirik


23 years · Male · Game developer, personal trainer and tutor


NB: I might not live in England, it's dependant on if I get a certain job or not and if the pay is good enough. I think England is sick and am considering becoming a game development tutor this summer for Oxford summer school. I like skating, volleyball, playing games, watching anime and making g...

Roommate looking in: Harrow, Greater London, England, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England & London, Greater London, England.

Photo of Mary


29 years · Female · Postdoctoral research


Hi! My name is Mary. I am a finishing my PhD at Penn State in Pennsylvania and moving for a posdoctoral research position at Oxford. I would prefer having a my own bathroom. I clean, cook, and do research!

Roommate looking in: Oxford, Oxfordshire, England.

Photo of Zahra


18 years · Female · Student nurse


My names zahra khan I lived in London and decided to shift to Oxford as I would have placements at John Radcliffe hospital you can message me if you’d want more information the price of rent is negationable up to £900 I’m 18 and yeah non smoker I’m Muslim I don’t drink or anything weird IM SUPER CL...

Roommate looking in: Oxford, Oxfordshire, England & Oxfordshire, England.

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