Photo of Charlote


22 years · Female · Care support worker


I would be a great room mate as I am respectful of rules I will mostly be out so I won’t be in anyone’s way I work nights but can sleep through noise in the day. I can be sociable when I’m not working or sleeping

Roommate looking in: Nottingham, England.

Photo of Martin


22 years · Male · Ecologist


Hey! My name is Martin. I'm a geography graduate originally from Edinburgh looking for my first place in Nottingham. I will be working full time as an Ecologist. In my free time I enjoy running, indoor rock climbing, movies, and Martial arts. I'm easy going, and I have lived in a bunch of shar...

Roommate looking in: Nottingham, England.

Photo of Ro


23 years · Other · Student


Hi there, I'm looking to move to Nottingham to study. Looking for a spacious room as I also work a small online business so I'd need space for a desk and backdrop.

Roommate looking in: Nottingham, England.

Photo of Adam


47 years · Male · Oil rig worker


I’ve got a double bedroom to rent out in Rise park with a shared bathroom or a single room with onsweet. Modern large house with on street parking on a quiet street. Looking for professional people only.

Roommate looking in: Rise Park, Nottingham, England.

Photo of Lena-Sophie Swiatek

Lena-Sophie Swiatek

29 years · Female · PhD student


My name is Lena, and I'm from Germany. I'm a PhD student and trained microbiologist, currently residing and working in beautiful Greifswald at the Baltic Sea. This September, I will be joining Nottingham Trent University as a visiting scientist from September 9th to December 13th, 2024. I am seekin...

Roommate looking in: Nottingham, England.

Photo of Laura


23 years · Female · Supervisor


Hey! I'm Laura, a 23 year old young professional looking for a room in Nottingham city centre. I'm very tidy, respectful, and social, and would love to meet some new people being quite new to the city. I also work in an independent cinema and have a great interest in film so am always up for a wee m...

Roommate looking in: Nottingham, England.

Photo of Megan


27 years · Female · Mature student


Looking to find a housemate for the next academic year, as I am a mature psychology student at Uni of Nottingham (going into third year). I also work part-time in mental health. Ideally, I would like to find one person to share a house or flat with near uni Park campus, preferably Beeston or Wollato...

Roommate looking in: Nottingham, England.

Photo of Sofia


28 years · Female · Lab technician


Hello! My name is Sofia, As a roommate, I'm known for being respectful, tidy, and considerate. I believe in open communication to maintain a harmonious living environment. I'm responsible with shared chores and bills, ensuring a smooth and pleasant living experience for everyone. If you're looking f...

Roommate looking in: Nottingham, England.

Photo of Willow

Willow & Cody

23 & 25 years · Others · Musican


Hey! I'm Willow and me and my partner Cody are looking for a house share to join in Notts. Ideally we'd like to live with 2/3 other people and have our own separate rooms paying around 500-550 per month. We're sociable and relaxed, and are willing to communicate and work out boundaries and arrang...

Roommate looking in: Nottingham, England.

Photo of Sophie Rue

Sophie Rue

23 years · Female · Student


Hey! I'm Sophie, a student from Northern Ireland completing a master's degree at UoN. I'm looking for a house near UP campus. Pros of living with me: - Huge board game collection -Clean and tidy - Will bake for you

Roommate looking in: Nottingham, England.

Photo of Caitlin


19 years · Female · .


Looking for female roommates only :) very introverted I keep to myself but wouldn’t mind becoming friends. I love drawing, gaming and sometimes cooking. Not a smoker don’t mind if you are though. I’m pet friendly as well. I’m not set on moving at the minute but I’d love to talk!

Roommate looking in: Nottingham, England & Manchester, Greater Manchester, England.

Photo of Samira


26 years · Female · Doctor


I’m an extrovert who loves to chat! But I respect other people’s space and would gladly stay quiet if need be ;). I like to keep things neat and tidy. I also work busy shifts at the hospital so on weekdays, wind down time at night is super important :)

Roommate looking in: Nottingham, England.

Photo of Ali


40 years · Male · Lecturer


I’m outgoing and also can keep to myself. I keep things spotless but at the same time I’m an easygoing person. I have a small dog (Cockapoo) who’s fun to be around. I’m to rent a house in West bridgeford, Edwalaton, Raddington, Wilford or anywhere else close to Clifton campus.

Roommate looking in: Nottingham, England.

Photo of Dipro


31 years · Male · Structural Engineer cum NTU student


Few things about me - 1. Freaking love mathematics, you'll see always a white board in my room - 2. Don't prefer much chaos/noise, love to stay in a calm and peaceful place - 3. Do not like to party, though if someone does, no problem with that provided they keep the place clean after doing the p...

Roommate looking in: Nottingham, England.

Photo of Fleur


23 years · Female · Student


Heyyyy my name is Fleur and I am going into my third year at Nottingham Trent studying Biomedical science. I am a female aged 23 who enjoys being active and going on adventures. I enjoy going out from time to time but also enjoy my personal space. I love watching ru Paul’s drag race and would like...

Roommate looking in: Nottingham, England.

Photo of Edward


25 years · Male · Clinical Trial Database Manager


I'm a 25 year old student living in Notts. I am completing my second Masters in Neuropharmacology, and currently work in Oncology at Nottingham City Hospital. I am looking for a new flat from end of June - start of July

Roommate looking in: Nottingham, England.

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