Photo of Teni


24 years · Female · Doctor


Hii! My name’s Teni, I’m 24 and about to start working as a doctor in early August. I’d consider myself to be easygoing, fun and peaceful! I love cooking, watching movies and TV shows to wind down and socialising. I’m naturally a very considerate person, tidy and organised and have lived very smooth...

Roommate looking in: Derby, England.

Photo of sadie


26 years · Female · hairdresser / pub supervisor


Hey im Sadie, im 26, i’m a hairdresser and a pub supervisor, i love travelling i try and get away as much as i can! i feel i would be great to live with as i'm clean and tidy, and with the two jobs im always out and about. I love chatting to new people as i feel im easy to get along with. Im very...

Roommate looking in: Derby, England & Ashbourne, Derbyshire, England.

Photo of Chad


23 years · Male · Bricklayer


I’m 23 I work 7 days a week I’m very rarely ever home I have a dog called Hugo who’s 2 and very friendly

Roommate looking in: Derby, England.

Photo of Hollie


22 years · Female · Nurse at Royal Derby Hospital


My names Hollie, I am 22 years old and a Nurse and Psychology Student. I am looking to find a roommate to rent a house/flat with in Derbyshire area. Im a nice and calm person to be around, tidy, i love going out but also staying indoors<3 I have 2 indoor cats (that are super friendly!!)

Roommate looking in: Derby, England.


37 years · Female · Project Manager


I'm 37 years old professional who likes to surround herself with a great company. I appreciate the good housing atmosphere and keeps the house tidy . Appreciate when others do the same :-)

Roommate looking in: Derby, England.

Photo of Russia


25 years · Female · Full time hospitality


I am a single professional looking for a room to rent. I work full time snd have no pets & do not spoke. I am clean, tidy and quiet so would be an ideal roommate 🙂

Roommate looking in: Derby, England.

Photo of Xiao-Yu


22 years · Female · Manager


22 year old, currently working as a manager. Pretty chill, don’t mind nights in or out, love pets if you have one. Also love cooking and baking, so got that covered. Reliable with finances.

Roommate looking in: Derby, England.

Photo of Nina Bridgers

Nina Bridgers

23 years · Female · student


I am a mature student at University of Nottingham studying medicine. I am quiet, tidy and most of the time you can expect to find me in the library. I enjoy baking and sharing new recipes with others.

Roommate looking in: Nottingham, England & Derby, England.

Photo of Hugo


47 years · Male · Company director


I'm very friendly, easy going, respectful and clean. I would like to live with similar people.

Roommate looking in: Derby, England.

Photo of Katy


20 years · Female · Student, Care Staff


I'm a Psychology student about to start my postgraduate degree and looking for a roommate in the Derbyshire area :)

Roommate looking in: Derby, England.

Photo of Suprina


23 years · Female · Senior carer


My name is Suprina. i moved in uk 5 months ago and i am looking for a room to rent, hopefully with girls and i work as a senior carer in a Care Home in Derby

Roommate looking in: Derby, England.


24 years · Female · Social media marketing exec


I am 24, female, with 2 cats 🐱 I am looking to move back to Derby (from Scotland) to be back near friends and family! I’m clean/tidy.

Roommate looking in: Derby, England.

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