Would you Join a 'Mommune?'

The traditional nuclear family has been a fixture of American society for decades, if not centuries. However, recent socio-economic changes have led to the growth (or regrowth)of non-traditional families, and the rise of the "Mommune" is a prime example of this trend.

The New York Times recently reported on this growing movement, which sees single mothers opting to form households together to share resources, raise children and support each other in their pursuit of a better life for themselves and their families.These households can take various forms, from traditional co-housing arrangements to more communal living situations where families share meals, chores, and daycare responsibilities. The defining factor is the mutual support network that the mothers create for each other. As we've covered previously, millennials are also turning to more communal living arrangements to cover expenses while enjoying the camaraderie of a built-in support system.

As the Economy Changes, so do Families

The reasons for the formation of these Mommunes are varied, but many stem from economic constraints. Housing costs in some urban areas have skyrocketed beyond what many single mothers can afford, making it hard for them to find decent accommodation for themselves and their children. By pooling their resources, they're able to create a better living situation than what they could achieve on their own.Another factor is the emotional support system that such living arrangements create. Single mothers often deal with feelings of isolation and the stress of parenting on their own, but by living with other women, they can share the challenges and joys of motherhood, creating a sense of community that can be uplifting and empowering for all involved.

Children of Divorce Gain a Support System

Children also benefit from this growing trend of Mommunes. They get to grow up with peers around, socialize and learn from each other, and experience first-hand the benefits of cooperation and sharing, not to mention the joy of having a support system around them.As with any new trend, there are potential challenges and pitfalls to be navigated. However, by working together, single mothers can create stable, supportive living environments for themselves and their children.

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